Trust Funnel

A high-converting sales strategy built on demonstrating that your business is trustworthy.

Building Trust and Winning Clients Over

The key to winning the trust of your audience is to proactively demonstrate that you are a trusted advisor, available to provide direction, guidance, and support unique to their situation.

This pandemic is shining a giant spotlight on business owners. It is forcing us to stand in our values to show our clients that we’re safe bets. Now is the time to go deeper then ever before with your audience.

I will show you exactly how to build a trust-infused sales process that demonstrates to your audience why they need to work with you, right now.

The Framework

This funnel is built on a simple foundation: Authority Storytelling and Predictable Sales

By using the two hand-in-hand, you’ll develop and build a customer experience that has clients practically begging you to be their trusted advisor.

During The Trust Funnel Intensive, we’ll work together to custom-build your strategy & execution plan:


3-hour intensive

A customized plan to apply the curriculum to your business

Masterminding with the group and my team

Templates that can quickly be repurposed

Your Customers Need You

The focus of the Trust Funnel Intensive is to help you communicate to your audience that you’re trustworthy, and to monetize press & media features you receive.

Now is the time to demonstrate that you are truly committed to serving your clients.

I will help you to strategize, develop, and show your clients you’re worth trusting. The work you do now is going to pay off tremendously in 2021 and beyond.

Your program laid out every single detail of what I would need. You also helped me figure out how to market and get people enrolled. I’m grateful, of course, that I made a lot of money. But, to be honest, the thing that I’m most excited about is the amount of impact that I was able to have. This was the absolute best decision that I’ve made in my business, and I can’t thank you and your team enough.
Maya Elious

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